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Can Make The Difference

Our Net-Zero
Emissions Movement

Current net-zero commitments - governments’ and companies’ - are not enough! Everyone of us must strive to achieve net-zero individually and jointly.


We invite you to launch a movement:

Become a role model, commit to net-zero for yourself, commit here, get onto the list.


Together we will become climate neutral us!

This will support governments` and agencies` efforts

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What We Do


We Connect

... individuals that want to achieve net-zero. With each new member, our climate neutral us community will continue to grow.


We Raise Awareness

... for the existing climate crisis and for it's impact. We want to spread knowledge about how each individual, especially when being wealthy, can make a huge difference in the worldwide produced emissions.

Business Plan

We Provide A Plan

... consisting of three shortterm commitment steps for each member and provide consultation as well as solutions for individual challenges.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a movement to become net-zero as individual. We seek to raise awareness of the urgent need to address the effects of climate change, and to promote the adoption of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) footprint inventories and emissions reduction strategies for individuals worldwide.


We focus on the responsibilty of the individual to contribute to the wellbeing of our planet by implementing behavioral changes primarely. For those GHG which cannot be avoided, we support the use and development of real carbon removal programs to ensure the alignment with the United Nations’ Race To Zero Campaign.

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Can individuals make a difference?

Decisions made by individuals allow for immidiate significant change;

Examples: top 1% wealthiest account for 50% emissions from aviation; meat and diary product consumption causes > 14% of total emissions. Less is more.


Credibilty comes from own commitment.

We have to change ourselves to make others change.

Scale is driven by role models - those who commit publicly.


Consumers and voters should act to credibly voice their need for change.

To strengthen our regents we should commit to net-zero first.

Others first?

NO, me
especially if I can
    afford it!

Why Me?

Being wealthy implies a big share of emissions!

In 2050 all humans together need to reach net-zero: if I add emissions, somebody else has to capture them!


10% of wealthies people

Cause 36-45% of

total CO2 emissions

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Thank You, We Are Looking Forward To Our Journey!

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