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Only 3 Steps
To Achieve Net-Zero




Understand Your Footprint:

How many tons of CO2 do my activities cause?

Develop A Plan:

How much can my emissions go down?

Remove Carbon From The Air:

What programs can capture my (remaining) emissions at what price?



To find out how many tons of CO2 your activities cause, this is our recommendation:

  • Use an analysis tool: EPA, BMU or any other approved tool

  • Challenge the data, if you think it's needed



Your plan to make your footprint smaller - some examples:

  • Diet - how much can you cut on meat and diary?

  • Travel - can you avoid flying. especially long distance?

  • "Stuff" - what puchases are really needed - ever thought about?

  • Housing - can carbon intensive energy resources be replaced, can the heat be turned down?

... What Footprint is left?

Monstera Blatt


Invest the real price to be paid - check

  • All of us have ideas how a climate footprint can be reduced.

  • But, who has already the plan to get to net-zero for sure?

  • Together we want to co-create approaches to work on our individual footprints.

  • Together we can identify the biggest obstacles and find ways to overcome these. From approaching companies as customers to highlighting measures for governments as voters, together all such steps are viable.

  • Together we can create a movement.

  • The “destination“ is net-zero, max. 1.5° C  temperature warming. Everyone of us need to find a path, the path. Everyone of us needs to walk along a path. Together, this will be much easier.

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