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Petra Becker 

Günther Thallinger 

Of The Initiative

We must change. We should not cause a temperature increase. At max a 1.5° increase until 2050 is tolerable. The carbon budget left is 300 Gt, but we use >40 Gt emissions every year. Until 2030 a 50% reduction of our current emission is needed - mine yours, ours. (see min 30:32)

2° C of global warming is much worse than 1.5° C; to mention one dimension: the likelihood of extreme weather events around the world almost doubles.

Many great commitments and pledges have been made by governments and companies. To still be on track by 2030, we have to reduce another 20-23 Gt CO2 of annual emissions

Individuals` behaviorial change is not (fully) included in current climate models; leaving opportunity for individuals to make a big difference.

You can make the difference!

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